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About Us

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Welcome to Careers Writing, where we help job seekers like you showcase their best selves through expertly crafted CVs, resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, college application resumes, motivational letters, letters of intent, and personal statements. Our team of experienced writers understands the importance of standing out in today’s competitive job market and will work with you to highlight your unique skills and accomplishments in a way that captures the attention of employers.
At Careers Writing, we are proud to have a skilled team of professionals making your career journey a bit more exciting. Whether you are a new professional or an experienced one, we have experts to draft your resumes and CVs with care. It doesn’t matter where you stand now, what matters is where you want to stand in future! And we make sure you grab the right opportunity with the right documents at the right time. If you wish to hear back from employers and hiring agencies, choose our best writing services and portray yourself with excellence. Take the next step in your career with Careers Writing today!
About us

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Frequently Asked Question

A letter of intent describes a party's intentions to engage in business dealings or other types of relationships with another party. It can be applied to a variety of situations, including job applications, commercial collaborations, and entrance to university institutions. The aim of the partnership, the precise terms being suggested, and any conditions or contingencies that might be relevant are usually all covered in the letter. It is frequently used as an introductory document to gauge interest and launch discussions.

Companies ask for a Letter of Intent to gauge a candidate's interest, commitment, and qualifications for a position or to establish the intent of parties for a potential business relationship.

A Letter of Intent should include:

  • A clear and concise statement of the intent or purpose of the letter
  • Relevant background information about the parties involved
  • Specific details about the proposed transaction or relationship, such as the terms being offered or requested
  • Any conditions or contingencies that may apply to the proposed transaction or relationship
  • A timeline for when the transaction or relationship is expected to take place
  • Contact information for both parties involved in the transaction or relationship.

An initial proposal or expression of interest from a student or researcher to a potential academic institution or research supervisor is often made through a letter of intent. It describes the student's areas of interest in research, academic success, and professional objectives.

It may also include a recommendation for a particular research topic or course of study. In order to determine interest in and suitability for the programme or research opportunity, the letter is frequently used as a first step in the application process.

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